ALLEA - ALL European Academies - is the European Federation of National Academies of Sciences and Humanities. Currently, there are 53 Academies from 40 European countries in the Federation.

ALLEA Member Academies are self-governing communities of scientists and researchers, and operate as learned societies, think-tanks, grant givers, and research performing organisations.


  1. promotes the exchange of information and experiences between its Member Academies;
  2. offers European science and society advice from its Member Academies;
  3. strives for excellence in science and scholarship, for high ethical standards in the conduct of research, and for independence from political, commercial and ideological interests.








Board 2016 - 2018   Mr Hubert Bocken (KVAB)
General Assembly   Mr André Preumont (ARB)
General Assembly   Mr Hubert Bocken (KVAB)
9th EU RTD Framework Programme Working group   Mr Didier Viviers (ARB)
E-Humanities working group   Mr Bernard Rentier (ARB)
Science and Ethics working group   Ms Els Van Damme (KVAB)